You gotta love southern football!

It is now a couple of weeks into the football season. It felt like such a long time to wait for, but now we have our tailgating, our beer drinking buddies, and whatever revelry comes with football. I’ve been able to watch a few games while at work. Saturday’s game between LSU and UGA was awesome. Even though I am a die hard AUBURN fan, I do have some love for LSU….until the two play. Then it’s all for Auburn. UA (Alabama) might as well be UGA (Georgia). They are both on the same level in my mind. I am very happy for my Tigers (both teams). They are both undefeated this year.

Not only am I an SEC College Football fan, but also one of high school football. The high school players of today are our promising college players of tomorrow. I will never forget the teams of my Junior and Senior years at Clarke County High in southwest AL. CCHS had some of the state’s best players. Our team had not beaten Jackson since 1977…the year I was born. That night of my Junior year, our team was victorious and everyone in the county knew that we were going to go somewhere from that point. Total shut-outs started taking place every week. It was a great memory. The head coach moved off to another school and was replaced. Just a few seasons ago, the Bulldogs went undefeated until the state playoffs. A team from North Alabama came in and beat them. It hurt, but that was the first time in the school’s long history that the football team scored a perfect regular season.

This season, the schedule didn’t look like it would be that difficult, but maybe we took it wrong. Sadly, CCHS is currently at 1 win and 4 loses. That’s terrible. I can’t understand what has gone on with the team. The last time I was visiting, I could tell that the school spirit was totally gone. It nowhere resembles the school I attended. The kids are treated like children, mostly because the principal acts like she has no clue in how to operate a school. The kids there are being tormented because of some bad seeds that were transferred to the school and started one hell of a fight that took quite a few adults to break up. Too bad the adults couldn’t beat the hell of the ones in the fight.

But I digress. If the kids feel like they belong at a decent school, they have lots of school spirit. On the other hand, if they feel like they are entering a prison every day of the week, obviously their spirit is going to suck. That will show in the classroom, on the football field, and at every other athletic event. You can’t blame the kids for not being happy.

08/28 – Leroy High School (2A)*  L
09/04 – Neal, W.S. High School (4A)* R  W
09/11 – Jackson High School (4A) R  L
09/18 – UMS-Wright Prep School (4A)* R   L
09/25 – Miller, T.R. High School (3A)
10/01 – Rain, B.C. High School (4A) R
10/09 – Andalusia High School (4A)* R
10/16 – Thomasville High School (4A) R
10/23 – Hillcrest High School, Ever. (4A)* R

***** R stands for a regional game. *****

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