Yet Another New Way To Post

Last week, the new iPad was introduced to the world in a physical form. The other half got his on Friday and was like a child at Christmas. Of course, he was playing with it quite a bit that night. Where did the other iPad go? Right here in my lap!

I really like the iPad. So many people were talking about how much they were getting done just with a small tablet. Some people can do more with their iPad than with their desktop. I won’t get that much work done with it, but I can see me getting more organized…not only with my life, but also with the podcast.

I say that and hope I can follow through with the plan. As long as I have the time to put toward the planning, I can get it done. Maybe during lunch through the week, I can sit down somewhere with my whatever and type while I fight my face. Yes, I fight my face when I eat. “Eat this samich, boy! Put it in your belly.” “No, I don’t want anymore.”

Anyway, I have an iPad now….a country boy equipped with an iMac, an iPhone, an iPad, and an iPod Nano (6th Gen) and an iPod (5th Gen 30). I guess you can call us a Mac family….a Country Mac family!

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