Wow, I got behind on the November posting month!

When I first started this venture, I knew there would be times when I would get behind. I didn’t think I would get this far behind. With tax classes and other things playing into the game of life, there’s no guessing how I got behind. Here’s some things that I have done to help out with the issue:

  1. I’m getting more details about Miracle in the Woods tied together and finalized in my mind. I plan on getting it more together in the upcoming days. I am hoping to make multiple posts in the next few days to get caught up. I should only be five behind after this one posts.
  2. I just downloaded a trial version of MacJournal to test it out. I have been using Windows Live Blog Poster for all the posts and I love using it, but sometimes, I would rather use my iMac to do a post. And, while on my iMac, I would rather not have to go to the WordPress site online to do all the editing. We’ll see how this goes.
  3. After today (Saturday), I will not have a tax class to handle. I should be free to write when I need to or want to. Now, I have no reason for not posting as I have a posting application on everything I have with me all the time. In the next day or two, I will have it on every computer in the house.
  4. The accompanying podcast will sound much better in the coming days. I have found out where the sound problem was originating and everything should be sounding good from now on. Let’s hope, that is!

So as I finish this, my eyes are becoming increasingly heavy and I should get some sleep. I have the tax final in about five hours and I am guessing I need to sleep a little before I have to drive to it. I feel like I’m back in college when I would stay awake all night before an exam. Cram, cram, cram! It worked sometimes…not always.

Until later!

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