Wide Awake And Shouldn’t Be

It’s 3:30 am on Tuesday, January 2, and my eyes are wide open.  I don’t know why that’s a big surprise since I have been off work since Friday and I haven’t gone to sleep either night before around two or three in the morning.  I somewhat figured I would get sleepy before it got late and I would get a good night’s sleep for the first day back at work tomorrow.

Staying up this late has allowed me to think a little.  Just that…a little!  Thinking about work, about what work I want to do instead, about the hiking trips I want to take, and about the camping I want to do when it gets warmer.  It gets complicated because to do one, you need the other.  To go hiking and have all that you need, you have to have a job.  At the present time, I could take the time I need after tax season is over, but I know I would be frowned upon.  We’ll have to see about that when the time gets here.  I’ve been told to go ahead and start planning.

I guess it took sitting down and typing for a little while to make me sleepy.  Until later…with hopefully more about something country.

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