Who Is Fixin’ My Food?

Tonight, the other half and I went to a local eatin’ place that we really like. It’s the farthest from being healthy, but when we get a hankering for it, we will knock a hoe over to get to it. We watched “The Help” the other night, and besides for me getting pissed off to the point of my face turning blood red, we started craving chicken. Fried chick’n. None of this “Oh, I’ll throw some into a pan and brown it for you” crap. We talkin’ ’bout some “pick it up witch ya fingers and don’t touch nothing nor nobody till ya wash ya hands” chicken. It wasn’t made by shacking it around in flour and corn meal in a brown paper sack, but it was darn sure close.

As much as I love this place, I am always disturbed and confused when I go to any location. The reason for that is I don’t know how I should gauge the staff. One thing to remember is that it is considered a fast-food joint…supposed to be. It’s not always that way. You would think that the management would be ready to deal with whatever comes their way. For instance, it is not Christmas Day, but it is still in the same week. People have cooked till they don’t want to cook any more. They would rather go get a bucket of chicken and some sides and call it a night. You should have all the stuff you need when the people get there. If you see you don’t have a type of chicken ready to package up for the customers, cook it before you run completely out. Don’t make people wait in the place till the stuff is done. If your place closes at 11pm, don’t act like you’re about to leave at 6:30. It’s still business time and there are some hungry people.

My second concern is the quality of the staff. I understand that you don’t have to have a degree to work in fast-food or even a high school diploma, but dad-gum, have some kind of organizational and personal skills to make the flow easier and without hang-ups. That goes for the managers and the staff alike. If you have crappy managers, the staff working under them isn’t going to have much motivation to be any better.

I’ve noticed other things, but if I start putting those into words…especially online…it’s going to get messy. All I will say is that if you are going to operate a restaurant that people in an area really love, make sure you have people working who are capable of satisfying in every way…customer service, a fast process, and hospitality. It’s not much to ask. Oh wait, I guess that is too much to ask for someone making $7.50 an hour, huh?

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