What’s This World Coming To?

As a child, and being raised Southern Baptist, I always heard one answer to the same question…”What’s this world coming to?” That answer was, “You know what it’s coming to.”

I thought maybe, just maybe, once someone would ask me what I thought was going to happen. Never heard it. I thought maybe….just maybe….someone would simply tell me what was going to happen. Then I grew up and knew that no one was ever going to know that answer in detail.

Sometimes, the things told to us from the generation before us really screw with our brains. One of the funniest examples of this is told in a joking manner on The Queens of Comedy. The lady talks about her grandmother and how she used to say, “We’re living in our last days.” She said it a few times through her life until a confrontation where she asked her grandmother, “Why it gotta be my last days?” The older generation has their way of saying things that tend to make us think.

Our last days. Just take a minute and think about that statement. Who knows when our last days begin? The stages of life are basically that you are born, you live a life, and then you die. In a sense, our last days start when we enter this world. There’s never a promise of a new day…no matter how much Paula Abdul tried to make us believe that in the 90s. It’s a morbid thing to think about, but it’s a life fact.

We’ve become so pampered in our generation and the one or two after us. I’m a Generation X member, tagged in the 80s or 90s. Things were supposed to be made less harsh. Things were supposed to be so different from the way out parents were raised. Why? Were they not wise enough to raise us? Did their parents not instill in them the knowledge it took to raise children? I think mine did a pretty good job since I am not writing this while sitting in prison and I’m not baked out of my mind either. I consider that a goal accomplished.

I haven’t said much about the Boston bombings. I’ve tried to keep my head clear and not go into a fit of rage. What good would that do me? I can’t bring back those lost from the stupid actions of an insane person. I, however, am interested in the thoughts of those people both killed and responsible that morning. We as humans like to plan for our day to make it easier on ourselves, but the possibility of dying is generally not part of that plan.

Our last days. It’s a dark, scary idea. I don’t like to think about it as much as anyone else. But if I had to answer that question….”What’s this world coming to?”….I guess I would answer it by saying, “It’s going to be what you help it to be.” I know that’s not what people were thinking when I was a child. They were referring to the events described in Revelations. I’m not going into my beliefs on religious matters, but I’ll say until whenever comes, we have to do whatever possible to keep evil at bay. The evil we see more of today is exemplified by the idiots responsible for the bombings in Boston.

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