What Do The Olympics Mean To You?


(Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Home of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games)

I’ve talked about the Olympics on the podcast for the past two episodes.  It’s because even though I can’t take part in them, I feel a part of them by watching and cheering on our country.

I’ve heard people say they don’t like them because they take over the television for two weeks. Well, that’s true!  For two weeks, we have the honor of watching athletes from around the world compete against each other in the hopes of bringing honor to themselves and to their country.  We should be enjoying every last minute that people from other countries are able to come together on a volleyball court, a basketball court, a tennis court, or in a pool and battle peacefully with a metal in mind instead of the other person’s demise.

In our world today, there are too many issues that are lingering.  It’s not only Syria or the Middle East as a whole that has their problems.  The rest of the world has just as many problems that aren’t televised around the world.

During two weeks, we get to see the world come together, become friends, congratulate each other, and learn from one another.  For two weeks, we…the people who enjoy sports…are able to watch something other than football, basketball, and baseball on television.  That in itself is enough to say “Hallelujah.”

We only have a few days left to share the feeling of the Olympics.  Take the time to turn on the television and cheer for your country’s athletes and those of neighboring countries.  They’ve worked really hard to get where they are and they deserve our thanks and respect.

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