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Today is day number 2 of learning more web design at my job. By trade, I am not a web designer. Computer languages aren’t things my brain understands easily. I once took a Programming in C class at The University of West Alabama. It just happened to be at 8am. Can we say….NO! The professor was my adviser and she was a lovely woman. She was just kind of…spacey. Yes, spacey. That’s right.

I shouldn’t have been in the class to start with, but the summer registration advisor was all like, “You take dis, dis, an dis.” Then I was like all, “I’ve already taken did and dis.” He then pointed to this grouping of classes and told me to pic one. Keep in mind that I was a country boy right out of the woods who had only done programming in QBasic and some on an Atari and his trusty TI 83. The least complicated sounding of the classes turned out to be C. Boy, I was going to get slapped from stage right!

The 8am class was enough of a downside. I made it to the class in relaxing clothes, not pajamas. I did everything I could to place myself into a learning mode. It didn’t help. My mind was not “programmed” to learn programming. Or better yet, something higher than QBasic which I understand completely. I was really confused one morning when the professor came into the room and began to write a program on the board. The look on mine and others’ faces must have spoken to her as she looked at the ceiling and said, “Oh boy, this is COBOL!”, and started erasing everything she wrote. I went to my dorm room in a complete haze.

An earlier post shows my messing around with HTML and CSS to see how they interact. That programming was done in Text Wrangler on the iMac. By reading the book and doing things set by step, I could understand some if the workings and the interaction between the two. At my job, I have the privilege of working with Dreamweaver. It’s amazing that I can work in code while watching how the code manipulates the site. You can click in the bottom portion of the screen in Split mode and the see in the code above which part you are working in. It’s pretty fun! Who would have thought that I could combine my love for Photoshop, Excel, Word, and a computer language and have fun doing it. I hope I get many more chances to do it.

If you are a computer person, as I know GeorgeInAtlanta (my podcast cohost), QSledge (Brainhammer Podcast), those guys over at the DI+ Podcast are, I hope to someday become as knowledgeable as you are. If you aren’t a programming person, web pages or not, I would say to jump into it and see what you can understand. Who knows, you might be able to pick up on it with no problems and surprise yourself.

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