We have a new addition!

Hello all!

Today is a happy day in our little family.  While out to get lunch today, we stopped at Petco to get Toby some food.  When we walked in, there were some solid black puppies near the door.  We went over to look at them and found there were three girls and one boy.  We then found out they were black lab and blue healer mix.  When I picked up the boy, I just knew he was the one.  The girls were way to out there.  It was one guy in the middle of a bunch of bitches and they held no regard to his well-being.  We decided to take him home.  The price, $75, was actually a great deal since he had already been neutered and had some of his shots.  We have to take him the week of March 27 to get his next round.

He is currently sleeping by my legs in the recliner.  Has whined a little this evening.  The big hurdle in bringing him into the family is the evil one, Toby.  He is not happy at all.  For a small dog, a jack russell, he is the moodiest, pissy dog I have ever seen.  He has his good qualities, but keeping calm around another dog is not one of his strong suites.  He has already scared the puppy a few times.  I don’t know how we’re going to deal with it, but hopefully we will have a peaceful home in a few months.

More will come later and a better picture.

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