War Eagle! Once A Tiger, Always A Tiger!

Congratulations to the Auburn University Tigers for winning the BCS National Championship game in Phoenix, AZ.  You guys deserve this title so much.  I will love you till the day I die.  You all fought hard and proved that Auburn University is the home of a great football program and a proud heritage of players and scholars.  Auburn doesn’t place all their attention on football.  That is proven by the quality of graduates that are placed in today’s workforce.  Way to go.

One of the most awesome, emotional moments to an Auburn fan is the flight of the eagle.  When the eagle takes flight, it flies around the stadium, filling the hearts and soles of the fans with a feeling of togetherness, resulting in a deafening roar.  It is our second mascot and serves as our battle cry….War Eagle!  There are many stories about the beginning of the battle cry, but however it started, it has survived the ages.

My life has been filled with wonderful memories of listening to Auburn games on the radio and watching them on television.  One of the most memorable games I remember was in 1997 when Auburn played Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  I was home from The University of West Alabama for Christmas break.  I was pseudo living in the storage trailer that sits beside my parents’ home.  A livable bedroom in the back was my sanctuary away from the world.  I was lying in bed that evening, listening to the game on my stereo while my family was asleep in the house.  I remember that last play and yelling when Auburn won.  I was so excited.  I don’t remember watching the SEC Championship or the Peach Bowl that year, but with a win over The University of Alabama Crimson Tide, I was fulfilled and proud.  That’s all I cared about.

Once again, congratulations to the wonderful guys at Auburn University.  You won this game through lots of hard work and determination.  It’s your win and a win your fans are very thankful for.  War Damn Eagle!

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