Visitors to the site…Where are you from?

Checking on Google Analytics stuff today.  It’s a fun thing to do as you get to see where in the world people are from that visit your website.  It will also make you aware of when you are getting an unusual number of visitors from a certain area of the world, country, state, or city.  I have had issues with things accessing my site too much and have had to take steps to get that resolved.  But now, I think everyone that gets to my site is there because either they have wanted to go there or because they searched for something that took them in the direction of The Gay Life of a Country Boy.

The World of VisitorsThe way one would read this map is simple.  The parts of the world in dark green are the ones with the heaviest traffic to the site.  Here, that country would obviously be the United States.  As the traffic totals lower, the shade of green gets lighter and lighter.  Then, at the lowest level of visitors, or hits, we have white.  Greenland is the largest patch of white for this time period stretching from September 25 – October 25.  Inside Google Analytics, you can change the time period you would like it to span.  Sometimes, I like to get a complete overview of the sites traffic from the time of inception till the present day.  It can do that, but it’s a lot of information to put into the graphs.  I would love to see no white at all on this world map, but I know that would be asking a lot for some areas.  I realize that looking at what may be considered as “gay content” is illegal and frowned upon in certain regions of the world for various reasons…not always the right ones but for reasons that the government or religious organization has seen unfit for their citizens.  For those of us in the US, we should be thankful every day that we have our freedoms because many others in the world do not get that same freedom.

United States Visitors to the siteThe next step that’s available for research is the ability to look at a smaller area of the world map.  You can look into individual countries and see how it is broken down.  Here in the US, if there is a reader from another country, we are broken down into governing states.  There are 50 of them, including the two masses at the bottom of the picture called Alaska (thank you USSR) and Hawaii.  The the broken down map follows the same convention of color darkness.  We can see that Georgia (my home state), Wisconsin, and California have the most visitors to the site.  Next in line are Texas, New York, Florida, and so on.  The least amount of visitors seem to be in Wyoming, West Virginia (how y’all doin’?), and Vermont.  Really, Vermont?  Is it the “country” part of it?  Certainly, I wouldn’t think it would be the gay aspect to the site.  I would love to see this map get darker all over.  Sadly, there is no way to keep my own number of visits to the site from showing up in the tally.  When I break Georgia down, I do like to see that there are many more others visiting than just me.  I do have many friends here and I thank them for being interested in what I am doing.  Love to y’all!

The Lake Mills area of WisconsinSomething I have noticed was that out of all the US states and cities, there is one spot in Wisconsin that visits my site a tremendous amount.  Out of the 1,238 visitors from the US, 116 of those came from Wisconsin alone.  That is one less than from Georgia!  Don’t get me wrong…I love visitors!  I really, really do.  But I would love to hear what it is that I am doing to attract so many visits from that state.

Let’s break that down even farther.  The town with the most visits is Lake Mills with 70 hits to the site.  The second highest town in the state is Madison with only 15 hits.  That’s a difference of 55 visitors.  I looked up Lake Mills on Google Maps to see if it was a major city.  Compared to other locations up there, it isn’t that large.  It definitely has a good number of trees.  I love how it sets on Rock Lake.  That would be nice.  I don’t think I could live there, however, because it is in the area of the country where I would freeze my ass off.  I love the design of some of its buildings.  The Lutheran church, for one, seems rather nice from above.  If you are in this area, I would love to hear from you.  Send me an email and tell me how the site is looking and what you like about it.

Do me a great big favor if you read this.  I would love to know where my visitors are from.  I love to hear from people who see the site.  I love to hear what you like and what you would like to see more of.  I do this for myself and a way to get my voice and thoughts out to the rest of the world, but I also do it for those that would read the content.  I can’t do it all for myself alone.  I just typed this out, so I will not want to read through it over and over again!  LOL!  Send an email to and say HELLO!

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