Vegas Pride 48 2013

Hello everyone from the fabulous city of Las Vegas!

Many of us have been in Vegas since Wednesday, September 4th.  We have had lots of fun spending time with the podcasting personalities and listeners.  As I have said many times in the past, if it wasn’t for the listeners, we wouldn’t have an audience for what we record.  Thankfully, we have had a good number of listeners to attend each year since 2011.  This year, personally, I have had the opportunity to meet more listeners than I thought was possible when I first started podcasting.  I have been touched by the things I’ve heard and I have been very thankful to hear someone finds what I do entertaining.

A fantastic person I have been able to meet this year is named Jay.  Jay is a listener that wanted to come out and meet the personalities from the many podcasts he tunes in to hear.  I believe he told me there were between 60-70 shows he keeps up with.  If he can keep up with that many shows….God bless him!  Jay relies on his hearing as he is blind.  We met his roommate and we met his trusty sidekick Tula, a yellow lab guide dog.  People….cream of the crop!  They are lovely people for whom I will have an endearing love for when I leave on Monday.  I don’t have the words to express the joy I have for being able to chat with Jay for a while and get to know him.  If you listened to the interstitial he did before Greetings From Nowhere, you heard how freely he speaks of his Christian life and how happy it makes him.  Jay…thank you and much love to you, brother.  I feel the same way.

I will post more things later about the Pride 48 2013 weekend.  I now have to eat something and get ready to listen to Podcubs in about an hour.

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