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  1. Hey Wes, read your comments on being uncut. So glad you never went through surgery! I’m a Wisconsin raised dairy farm boy. I and my brother are uncut and didn’t think much about it growing up. There was one cousin that I saw, was also uncut so guessing his 4 brothers are uncut too. I wasn’t into sports in school so I wasn’t around guys in the locker room very much. Once I became a nudist, and started hanging out (literally) with a nudist gay group in MN, did I know that my uncut cock was not that common and had a lot of interest from other men because of it.

    Through “Jockstrap Central: is a community group for men with interest in underwear! I’ve belonged to that group for years. usg-online.com/forums is that group.

  2. wes is so damn hot and cute too, i feel like getting out the the peanut butter, jello, chocolate spread and and whipping cream out and covering wes ‘caus he is so yummy 😛

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