Trip Back Home, Part 2

Saturday was a great day to be in South Alabama. It was a warm day with lots of sun. The breeze was here and there, but it wasn’t scorching hot. Humidity….what’s an Alabama day without humidity?! Plenty of sweat.

We eventually woke up sometime around 10 or 10:30 am. I was starving for breakfast. I wanted something country and fried and full of fat and grease. I guess we were too late waking up. We had to settle for what was still serving breakfast in the town. There is a restaurant called Bertile’s my hometown. It is in the building that was left vacant by Ward’s many years ago. I remember when the place was built and it shocked people to know there was finally a fast food place on that side of town. If you wanted fast food, you only had to walk three blocks and there you were. We ended up spending a bit more time there than originally planned. We got food, uploaded pictures from the night before, and was even able to see an old high school teacher.

We left and headed to Thomasville. If there’s one thing towns in that county do, it’s battle each other to see who can be better. Thomasville got a McDonald’s….so Jackson had to get one. Thomasville got a Walmart. You guessed it…Jackson had to have one too. There’s been a saying for years that one day, the two are going to continue growing and meet in the middle of the county. Unless something changes, there’s no hope in that happening. It takes years for anything to change. What else would you do down there than go to Walmart…and that’s where we headed.

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