Too Much Lately, Part One

Within the past couple of days, it seems like so much has happened and my brain is still trying to get caught up. I certainly haven’t had time to blog about it. Many would tell me that others really don’t care about my thoughts on things as of late. That may be true. As those closest to me know, however, I usually don’t care two shits if people don’t want to hear my thoughts/opinions. I guess that was something I inherited from my father. If you’re in hearing distance or you happen to find yourself reading this, and continuing past this point, you’ll find out what I’m thinking.

First off, and the thing that affects me directly, is the T-SPLOST item on the Georgia July 31 ballot. To all those who have never heard of it, and rightly so because you don’t live in GA, this ballot initiative dealt with the terrible traffic congestion in and around the metropolitan Atlanta area. If you’ve driven through the city in either the morning or evening rush hour traffic times, you know how frustrating it can be to move 10 feet. There was a ton of projects planned to use a 1% tax addition to help this crisis, not only inside the city, but also around in the suburbs. I live in one of those suburbs and I witness daily the effects of “urban sprawl.”

“OMG, I know you didn’t just say ‘urban sprawl’. We don’t like that term!”

Let’s see, what the hell else would I call it? City growth…..expansion….taking over? You call it what it is. Atlanta is growing by leaps and bounds and more and more people are moving out of the city and into the surrounding areas. Also, at least one country to the south is emptying and its residents are making the area their home. Not to mention the ever growing cultural communities growing in Gwinnett and DeKalb counties. They’re getting here and many can drive (WATCH OUT!) while others either ride bikes or take public transportation. MARTA, the transit system inside Fulton County, is limited to what it does. Many people north, south, east, and west of the city need to occasionally get to Atlanta for business or fun. I know the north part more than any of the others and I know if I ride MARTA, I have to either get on the train on either 400 or in Doraville. That’s still a considerable drive from my house to get on the train. Why not simply extend the train northward into Gwinnett? Oh, that’s right! These people who helped defeat the initiative are also some of the same people that think MARTA will bring drugs and homeless people to our fair county.

Are you shitting me? Are your heads buried in the dirt? Do you feel like you’re sitting on something? Yes, that’s your head sticking up your ass! Gwinnett has been reported as sitting along a major thoroughfare in the drug transportation from the south to the northern US. There have already been a number of grow houses busted here. And homeless people…go say hello to the ones sleeping in the alleyways of the mall in Duluth. I’ve seen them personally. I used to work there. They also sleep near the huge trash bins near the rear exit. Get to know your county a bit better before you beat down initiatives that would help us all and not THEORETICALLY bring down your already dwindling property value.

To be continued….

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