Things I have learned in 2009

For the past few years, I like to make a list of things I learned throughout the year.  It is always a good idea to make each year mean something to you.  As a weird geeky thing, I have a timeline in my brain and I place times in my life on that line.  For example, I can remember every class I took in high school, in period order, by remembering things that happened during that year. I remember I was sitting in Spanish I class in 10th grade when it was announced over the intercom that I had one the office of Vice-President of our Sophomore class.  I know, that’s weird.  I can tell you what happened when I was five years old, but don’t even ask me what I had for lunch two days ago.  My short term memory sucks!

But, getting back to the present, each year should be full of lessons learned. As the saying goes, you are never too old to learn.  Life is full of lessons to be learned and if we sit back and just slide through the year, you most likely won’t pick up the high points unless they stick you in the ass.  That’s when things hurt!

This year has been one of many lessons and it isn’t over yet.  So, on with the list of lessons!

1) Before considering someone your friend, do background checks to make sure this person has no record of times served in a mental hospital or jail for assault, stalking, excessive lying, or simple craziness.

2) Before having relations with someone (friendship, sexual, anything), make sure that there is NO ONE in the background who could possibly become an issue in the future.

3) Just because someone has a large penis does not make them a great person to hang around.

4) European Pentecostals aren’t the same as American Pentecostals!

5) The “gay death” is truly not something that happens at age 30.

6) Before diving into a new venture, read-up on the simple terms and descriptions of it.  You will find that when it begins, you are far ahead of the others starting with you.  It also shows how determined you are to accomplish the goal you’ve set for yourself.

7) Change is NOT always bad.  You sometimes find a change in things only make it better.

8) 8) Word 2007 wasn’t designed by Satan to undermine everyone loyal to 2003.

9) Windows 7, however, is a demon right from the pits of Hell.

10) Mac computers aren’t bad.  Remove all hatred you harbor toward Apple Computers because you were stuck with Apple IIe systems for the majority of your education.

11) If you think of something you want to do, research it and see where you could begin. Don’t hold back and let it fester in your brain.  For example: Creating a blog and podcast.

12) It can be the beginning of a cheerful day when a boxer jumps into your car while you’re trying to leave.

13) Pride celebrations were meant to be held in the summer time.

14) The old saying is true…”Once you leave home, you can never truly go back.”

15) Some jobs are like boomerangs. You can try to leave them, but you end up being thrown right back into it.

16) It is not good for one’s soul or well-being to be an emotional sponge for others. Especially for those that really aren’t true friends.

17) Nuts can be a bitch to one’s intestinal track.

18) Jagger is the bomb, but Moonshine is even more of a bomb substance.

19) Disney World is a great place to visit.  It has great rides and great food.  Not that great of prices for those who don’t sleep in money.  Six bucks for a bottle of beer….please!

20) Those people you hold near to your hear could pass from this world at a minutes notice. Love them as much as possible while you can.

21) Friends can come out of no where.  Even snarky girls sitting in a cafeteria can become good friends! LOL

22) The Internet is a large animal with a life of its own, but through that animal, friendships can be formed and old friendships can be rekindled.

23) Hardwood laminate is not such a hard thing to install.

24) Every now and then, give your wife/husband/partner a once over.  You never know what new things you can find in various places. “Where did that piercing come from?”

25) Whether it is 2 years or 10 years, if the love was there to begin with, it will be there forever.  True love does exist.  It’s like a puzzle piece…it needs the adjoining piece to help make a pretty picture.


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