The Union Suit

I know what you may be saying already.  “I’m not wearing that thing!” or “Those are for old people.”

Let’s revisit Southern Snowmagedon 2011.  The city of Atlanta was practically shut down and we were all crippled for days.  Everyone was bundled up like the little kid on that horrible Christmas Story movie.  People were constantly saying how dreadfully cold they were…that is…except for me because I was wearing my wonderfully warm and comfortable union suit.

Some people may call it a onesie, but when I think of those, I think of the pajamas you can find at  Jumpin Jammerz.  They’re the ones with the feet.  Like those you remember from childhood.  Yeah, union suits aren’t those.

The one I have was purchased at Bass Pro Shops.  I absolutely love it.  It’s red and HOT!  I think they’re sexy.  What’s not sexy about them?  The butt flap!

Don’t get me wrong!  Butt flap = easy access.  That is, if the person wearing the suit welcomes the advances.  The flap on mine, however, would only be good in that situation.  The old suits with a larger “flap” that unbuttons and uncovers the entire rear end are the ones I like.  With those, if you need to take care of business, you unbutton some buttons, drop the hatch, and pop a squat.  Not so easy in the ones I have.  It’s one button and then you have to part the Red Sea of material and hope that’s enough.  Well, it’s not enough and I still have to pull down the whole thing.  That’s why I go with my gut feeling that morning…hence if my stomach doesn’t feel right, the union suit stays put.

Other than the previous reason, the union suit is very warm and comfy.  I like to put it on, pick out a great pair of long socks, like over-the-calf or even longer like the Browning wool wader socks.  If you wear long socks with the union suit or a pair of long johns, they don’t ride up.  You can actually feel comfortable all day and not have to correct your underwear over and over again.  Hint: The wader socks are really awesome if you’re a sock fanatic!

Next time the snow decides to cause confusion and much unwanted bitter cold, think about looking for total body comfort and warmth.  It’s light weight cotton material and won’t make you feel like a mummy…but possibly a cowboy!


  1. Reading this just reminded me I used to have one and it was super comfortable.

    I used to wear it around the apartment when it was super cold and the heat just could not quite keep up enough to take the “edge” off the chill in the air.

    Did wear it out under my train engineer overalls a couple times for special “horrah” events at the bar and did receive some very welcome attention!

    Fun and Function! WOOT!

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