The underwear shopping experience!

I had a very nice underwear shopping experience the other day.  I had been to the dermatologist to get some spots looked at on my leg and of course, the dreaded toenails.  I hate my toes.  After leaving the appointment, I went to Target to get my prescription filled.  First, I have to say I love Target pharmacy.  I love the way they let you, and those in the house with you, choose which color band you want on your bottle.  That decreases the risk of someone stupidly taking your medication instead of their own.  Secondly, the pharmacist, however old he is, talks to me very sexy professional and I like that.  He has gray hair and it makes him look distinguished along with his black-rimmed glasses.  Very nice!

Since my prescription was going to take a little while, I decided to go to TJ Maxx a few doors down.  I sometimes go there to get underwear because they tend to have great selections of briefs for much less than I would pay in department stores or online.  This trip did not let me down at all.  I suppose they had recently received a shipment.  There were pairs of Calvin Klein, 2xist, Baskit, and even a few pairs of Ginch Gonch.  Also, I now know where most of the 2xist Evolve underwear went.  Target is, for some reason, discontinuing the Evolve line.  Personally, I think these are great underwear.  They aren’t plain by far like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom and they accentuate pretty well.  The prices can’t be beat for that type of product either.  I’ve heard from many men who also like the line and have gone back for multiple packs.  As you can see in the pic, I like briefs and rave about these because of the great fit.  I have not tried the boxer briefs.

While looking around at the different brands, I saw this amazingly hot blond guy looking for his own special pair.  He looked over at me a couple of times but I never really thought that much about it.  He was tall and had short hair that made his face even more handsome.  He walked around for a few minutes until we ended up in the same aisle.  I was on my knees (don’t go there!) while looking at a bottom shelf.  He stood almost over me, looking at the other side.  It was a very small aisle!  He then went around the corner of the rack and squatted down to look at a low shelf as well.  I noticed him looking every now and then and so I, like the outspoken guy that I am, broke the ice and asked him which kind of underwear he was looking for.  That started about a 30 min conversation about underwear brands, cuts, and what our likes were.  We talked about where we worked and lived for a short period of time, but most of the conversation centered around underwear.  I learned he was a runner and liked to wear boxer briefs.  I can’t see that because every time I wear boxer briefs, and not that often, they ride up my leg with almost every step.  That’s just walking!  What do they end up doing when running?!

The other half doesn’t understand how I can get into a conversation about underwear for that long.  It’s pretty easy actually.  Being the underwear nut I am, I try to keep up on the latest styles and companies emerging in the world of men’s fashion.  It also helps that I write for an underwear review and news site.  I also get feedback from readers and friends who purchase underwear and tell me what they think of it.  Another thing of interest in the underwear world is that while everything was having hard times during the recession, the men’s underwear market was steadily increasing or staying above average in sales.  That’s a testament to the desires of men and their wardrobe.   We might be able to wear our favorite shirt or jeans for years until they fall apart or can’t be patched again, but our underwear has to be up to par.

I will be posting a series of articles soon about socks to the Underwear News Briefs site.  I will keep you posted as to when they are published and they will be linked to My Facebook page.  Socks are a part of underwear too…just longer and down below!


  1. Love the Evolve brand. Just picked up some of the plaid briefs myself, they were something different and something every underwear drawer needs. Also got some bright red and charcoal ones, they are great, and feel and fit great, and they do elongate the front which looks nice. And looking good in your pic Wes.

  2. They look hot. Especially on you. Just picked up a pack of the new plaid design. Looking forward to slipping them on. Big fan of briefs.

  3. I have a preference for boxers made of cotton for every day business lifestyle and at home. Nevertheless oftentimes I choose attractive nighty, but definitely prefer natural.

  4. love the Evolve modle brand. I was also in TJ MAxx and saw the selections of new undies, but not in my size. maybe I wil try a different one. thx Wes

  5. Lucky dog! And Lucky Us readers for this great shot of the evolve. I just picked up a couple pair of the evolve BB from Target on clearance and have to say they are pretty great! Guess I will have to visit the Maxx to find some more.

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