The Trifle Bowl Cake Recipe

I know some of you have been waiting since Christmas for the Trifle Bowl Cake recipe. And….HERE IT IS!

1 cake mix, preferably white
1 can of blueberry pie filling
1 pint of Strawberries, probably better frozen
1 box of Jello vanilla instant pudding
1 8 oz. container of Cool-Whip
1 jar of maraschino cherries

Go ahead and make the instant pudding and place into the fridge.  Also, make sure that your frozen strawberries are thawed out completely.  Bake the cake per the instructions on the box.  Make sure to grease and flower the pans so that the cakes do not stick.  Once they are finished and have been taken out of the pans, let them cool for a while.  Use a trifle bowl for this cake.  Some people I know have used punch bowls.  That would have to take more cake mix.

Take one piece of the cake, cut a circle piece out of the middle by using a lid or saucer that is the same or very close in diameter to the bottom of the bowl.  Place the top of the cake facing the bottom so that there will not be space under the cake.  Open the can of blueberry pie filling and empty it into the bowl, covering the cake.  Make sure when you are spreading out the blueberries that you keep the sides of the bowl clean.  Not only should the cake be good, it should also look good.  Once you have that layer spread evenly, place the vanilla pudding into the bowl and even that layer out.

Use another lid or just cut a little larger than the previous one for the next layer of cake.  (Only do this if the trifle bowl is shaped differently at the top then the bottom)  Place the second layer into the bowl, the direction of this one not being of major importance.  Pour the container of strawberries onto the cake and even them out.  Once done, place the amount of Cool Whip onto the cake that will bring the level almost to the brim of the bowl.  Once there, place the cherries on the top in any shape or pattern that you want.

You can serve this whenever you want, but personally, I think this tastes so much better after it has been left in the fridge overnight.  This gives everything time to settle and allows the juices from the berries to soak into the cake.

Eat up and let me know how it turns out!

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