The Story of My Underwear Life

Everything has a beginning.  My love of underwear started much like a maze in a puzzle book.  You enter in and through twists and turns, you find yourself lost in the fun.  I don’t know how early it started, but it was as a young child.  I love remembering back to my first pairs.  Do you remember yours?

When I was a small child, I of course, wore the regular tighty-whitey briefs.  I distinctly remember the Fruit of the Loom boys briefs with the double blue lines on the waistband.  They were good until they tattered and then the fly never functioned correctly again and the legs became stretched out.  When you’re that young, they don’t have to be stretched out much to become uncomfortable.

After much begging and pleading, my mother bought me a pack of Underoos featuring Woodstock from Charlie Brown.  I wore those things out!  They were such a wonderful thing for my burgeoning tastes and interests.

After those faded out of existence, I was left with my plain old drawers.  Yay me!  So, as you can surmise, I went back to my begging and pleading that lasted years on end.

One day while helping with the laundry, some men’s briefs were found with my Dad’s clothes.  They were stacked neatly and hadn’t been touched in a very long time.  I was in the sixth grade and was rather chubby.  Short and chubby with a love of underwear.  I did get those briefs…all in color…and couldn’t have been a happier child.

Middle school ended with me owning a pair of black and blue leopard bikinis.  I loved those.  They fit perfectly and helped out some nights when the dreams started.  Oh what nights!

High school saw me coming of age and having the money to buy my own clothes.  A trip to Mobile gave me the chance to buy a great package of bikini briefs that once again, were worn to the point of threads.  We had harsh water and no dryer.  Line dried made them seem so much rougher when slid on.

For a few years, I wore boxers.  Thinking back, I really didn’t understand why I ever started wearing them.  I think it was because while on the bus, I could sit with a leg in the seat, giving room for things to sway back and forth inside my pants.  Anything for a rise when you’re a teenager with hormones.  The boxer phase only lasted shortly into my college years and I went back to briefs.  Everything felt right again.

What was it that made me interested in underwear?  Imagination.  Pure and simple imagination.  Raging hormone imagination.  What was inside those briefs?  What was Mr. Sears Catalog Model hiding from me that was so important?  Since becoming an adult, I have learned that one important part of many guys’ lives was the Sears catalog.  I would spend hours looking at the models, figuring out the mysteries in the briefs….and those mysteries inside my mind.  I would take pictures like this one in red Ristefsky Macheda briefs and study it, scanning for imprints in the fabric.  Stretching.  Creases.  Oh, and the body hair around the briefs.  That was important as well.  The hair meant manliness.

You can imagine what it is like now that I am a grown man.  I have the money to occasionally buy the underwear I couldn’t before.  The underwear market is much larger now than in the 1980s.  And taking a leap…fetishes aren’t as passé as they once were.  So I love seeing myself and other men in underwear.  Do you like seeing Nike or Kenneth Cole shoes?  It’s about the same.

In my opinion, there is nothing hotter than seeing a man slip-on a brand new pair of underwear and witnessing that look of pure satisfaction develop on his face as his equipment finds it’s perfect spot inside.  That, of course, is followed by the look of even greater satisfaction as you pull them back down.


  1. I remember in 1988, I was in a department store in Aitkin, Minnesota, USA.
    Browsing through the Mens Clothing section of the store, I came upon a large (5-foot-high, 3-foot-wide) cardboard advertizing display which showed a dad in his 30’s, next to his son (about 12 or 13) both wearing tight Fruit-Of-The-Loom White Briefs underwear and t-shirts.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a perv or anything, but I will never forget the BIG bulge in the boys briefs underwear which was even bigger than the dads bulge.
    Other shoppers have had to notice this, too, but I was indeed, in fact, the only person cruising back-n-forth this cardboard picture advertizement, lol.
    I wish that I would have had the nerve to ask the store manager to save this for me, but I could not think of a “normal” reason for me wanting it badly enough to ask for it w/o sounding too weird.
    Today, it would have been worth a couple-hundred dollars, I’m sure.

  2. Love it. I definitely remember some of my first pairs. I too went through a boxer phase, but that didn’t last long. I personally rarely dry my underwear in the dryer and prefer to line-dry it. Interesting that you feel otherwise.

    Also, well put about the sexiness of new underwear. I love putting on a fresh, new pair.

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