The soundtrack of our lives

At this moment, the soundtrack of my life I the sound of the other half snoring loudly. This is about normal for him, except for the fact that it’s eight in the morning. I usually hear that sometime around ten or eleven at night. It’s all good. For the longest, I would stay up till around four in the morning and by that time, whatever made him snore was so worn out, he didn’t snore that much anymore. Oh well, can’t do that anymore. So, it’s back to earplugs.

One thing I was thinking about on my way home last night was, “What song would you say is the soundtrack of your life?” Is there a pop, country, metal, or whatever song that tells about your view of your own life. Mine is kinda weird, but in many cases, it says exactly how I feel sometimes. If you het the chance, listen to song number five from The Looking Glass Wars soundtrack. It’s dance, metal, and pop shoved into one with the words, “…find her and bring her home…” included in it’s rythmic beats. On many days, that’s what I’m screaming. Find me and take me home! Like last night for instance.

I wanted to leave work badly. I was so tired of dealing with ignorant people. I believe you truly don’t find the crazies until you monitor alarm systems. This lady started yelling at me because I dispatched the police to her house. Well, she should have answered the phone when I called. And I told her that. She didn’t like that and told me I was rude. Tough shit, lady. That’s life. It doesn’t always work out the way you think it should. Deal with it like most other people who have both feet on the ground.

I want to hear from you. What song describes your life? Is your life crazy like a song by Gwar, funny like a comedy song by Rodney Carrington, calm like a piece from Mozart, or as screwed up as an 80s country song. I would love to hear how you see your life musically.


  1. Hmm, the first song that comes to mind that encapsulates where I am right now would be “Leave Me Alone I Am Lonely” by Pink. The desire to be close while pushing people away. That would be me. Ot at least that fits my mood right now. Yay for mood swings, lol.

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