The Scare In Russia

In the wee hours of the morning, people of the Western Hemisphere were made aware of a meteoroid hitting the Earth in Russia. I would have loved to be there to see such a thing. Don’t get me wrong, i am aware that hundreds, if not thousands, I believe, were hurt from debris from it. Windows were shattered and the glass hit people inside and out of buildings. But being there for something this momentous in Earth’s history would have been life changing. For centuries, people have been terrified by the thought of things from the heavens hitting the Earth. What we have to remember is that this isn’t the first time….and it will not be the last.

In this age of rampant media coverage of everything from someone skydiving from outer space to a Kardashian taking a dump, we rarely miss anything…that is, if it makes a stir. If it’s something like people dying each day in Africa to people getting murdered by ignorant tyrants who feel they were meant to rule over a country and make them starve, it tends to go unnoticed until it ruffles someone’s feathers, making it become a stir. This morning, luckily this news story made a stir and the rest of the world was able to know about it.

It’s rather funny that this took place this morning. Last night, while I was drifting to sleep on the sofa, I was watching an episode of How The Universe Works. It was talking about asteroids and how asteroids are the building blocks of planets. The Earth itself started out as an asteroid that, through countless collisions of other asteroids with it, became larger and larger until it took on a gravitational force and began attracting passing asteroids. With each collision, the asteroid became bigger and bigger until it reached the size of the Earth today.

We can give many thanks to the planet Jupiter. If it wasn’t for this humongous body in our galaxy with an unbelievable amount of gravitational pull, the Earth would see more asteroids than we ever want to. In all honesty, the chances of us being here would be slim. As asteroids make their way toward the sun from the asteroid belt, which is made up of remnants left over from the creation of the Milky Way, they pass by Jupiter. Maybe I should say that they TRY to get past Jupiter. The gravitation of the large planet pulls the asteroid to itself and causes it to either collide with another asteroid under the same affect or pulls it into itself, engulfing the asteroid with its gaseous atmosphere. If it does make it past Jupiter, then it heads toward the sun where it will break up into pieces, leaving a trail of debris behind it until it completely deteriorates from the heat of the sun.

If I remember correctly from the program, the large crater in Arizona, known for being created by an asteroid collision, is one of the most famous occurrences on the planet. I’m sure there are others on land as well as in the oceans. Why would Earth be any different than other planetary bodies that have been pelted by “space rocks”? Look at our moon. There are numerous signs of collisions on its surface. Our neighboring planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars also show us what can happen when struck by these asteroids when Jupiter can’t catch them in time. I’m sure that Mother Earth feels a bit of relief knowing she has a bodyguard, sadly not with a green ring around it called Mogo. (Look it up!)

Did you ever wonder why the Earth is made up of the elements we know about? Each of the elements we know today, other than the man-made ones, were attributed by the asteroids that collided. It’s also believed that the water on Earth today is attributable to the frozen insides of many of those asteroids. To get any further into it, it is believed that since we hold the idea of “where there’s water, there’s the possibility of life”, there could have been the extreme basic building blocks to life inside the frozen waters of those asteroids. Over time, cell division and a type of collision of their own, began building forms of life on the Earth.

There are many that detest this hypothesis and will detest it and heatedly argue it till the day they die. It’s the “six days and then rested” principle for them and nothing else. As a person, you have a mind that God gave you to think and reason with. No one else on this planet has the ability to tell you it isn’t true….if you believe strong enough. The only thing I ask of people is to keep an open mind. If there are similarities between asteroids and what we find here on Earth, there are reasons for it. We are only human and humans evolve along with their brains. Don’t refute the evidence as something that has been pulled from someone’s backside. Have the same decency toward others as they have toward you and your beliefs. Do unto others….

Please see and understand this note to my writing. I know the difference between an asteroid and a meteoroid. The thing that hit Russia was definitely a meteoroid. The thing flying past Earth this evening is an asteroid. If you are in the Eastern Hemisphere, you will have a better chance to see it pass by. I guess there’s something about the Old World that allows them to see more of the celestial happenings than we are allowed. Either way, it is advised that the event in Russia is not tied to the passing of this asteroid.

Now, go in peace!

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