The Olympics Are Over…What Do I Do?

After 17 days of watching sports that I don’t get to see everyday, I find myself thinking I have a lot of free time. Well, that’s what the little man inside my head things.

“Oh, c’mon! Go do whatever you want to do. There’s nothing holding you back.”

If only that were the truth.

At the end of October, I have to take the now required RTRP Exam, given by Prometrics on behalf of the wonderful, ever loving IRS. Want to do taxes publicly and sign the with your PTIN number, then you need to have this test taken and passed by December of 2013. If you want to be really familiar with the information on the test, go ahead and take it by the cut off period in April. That’s when everything switches over to the rules and regulations for 2012. Wiley makes a really good study guide for this exam. It’s 300+ pages, along with a somewhat hard-to-find six pages of corrections after the publishing. Yeah, these are the same people who publishes the study guide for the CPA exam as well! Good luck!

My brain is having a hard time getting into the swing of studying as it is not for a class. When in school, my brain is on one track…the track to getting an A in class. This exam isn’t that way from what I gather. You go take it, hit the submit button, then it tells you whether you passed or failed. Thanks for telling me what I suck on!

Another thing I need to finish is the photo albums turned scrapbook project for my grandmother. I’m the only one who has taken the initiative to get her albums and scan the pictures so that everyone has access to the old family photos. There are many that I have cherished my entire life, such as pictures of simpler times in my family when people got along and saw much more of each other than they do now. There are other reasons for this, but I won’t bore you with family drama. The most important reason for this change is to get the really old pictures off of the sticky picture album pages and onto non sticky pages with picture corners holding them in place. Much better and IF it’s needed, then someone can easily remove the pictures without tearing them. Very important.

Lastly, my brain is telling me to get back to learning. I wanted to learn more Spanish, as I started during the 30 days of blogging. Also, I need to learn more from my Excel Bible book. And also, there’s the web designing I wanted to do for this site. I’m not particularly fond of the WordPress template I use for this. Since getting my MacBook and while looking around on the iMac, I have wondered what I could do with iWeb. Last night, and at around 5:30 this morning, I worked with the program to see how much I could do and how it would help make blogging and podcasting easier. OMG, it would make them ten times better and the ease of posting blog entries and podcasts can’t even be described. I’m wondering how easy it would be to get the finished product posted to the net AND I wonder if I would be able to use the URL I already have. If there is anyone that reads my blog who has used iWeb to produce websites, and have published them to the net, please get in touch with me. I need your help!

I’ve bored you to tears enough. Hopefully in the near future, I can get my brain to concentrate on what I need to pass. Oh yeah, the scrapbooks are my ticket and only way to get back home. I haven’t been home since March of 2011. It’s about time I get back down there.

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