Switching Over To Windows 8

Tonight, the computer we have in the computer room upstairs was given a face lift. You might call it more of an internal reconditioning as the motherboard, the processor, and the hard drive was replaced. We don’t have a bought from the store computer system in this room. It’s a computer that the other half built himself. He figured out what he wanted and that’s what he built. It’s been a great machine so far, but we wanted to get it up to snuff on the latest and greatest hardware and software. For a Windows computer, it’s a pretty darn good machine! I have spent many nights on this computer either doing homework or just passing the time away…if you know what I mean. It’s seen some late nights and some cam shows that would make a sick person shout with glee. It’s all good!

So you may be asking why, with all the choices out there, put Windows 8 on this computer. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a machine with it installed. We have a machine or two at work that has it installed and it seems to be favorable to those people. Our CEO has a new laptop that is also a tablet and he seems to enjoy working on it. For only the past few minutes, I like what I see. It’s not my MacBook or my iMac, but for a PC, I have to give it props. Windows really worked hard on this environment. I think with more time spent on this computer, I could be a wiz. On second thought….no, I don’t think I could be a wiz. There are too many things going on here. I mean, I was taken away…like a big ol’ school girl…when it was loading. Look at all the pretty colors! With an app store, a block for weather, finance, news, music, and other things, your brain is screaming, saying, “What the hell do I do next?! There’s too many choices.”

Compared to at least one Windows environment in the past (Vista), this one has so far hit it out the park. Let me work on it for a while longer and I will tell you if I became overly pissed because I couldn’t find anything. That will be the day when my list of disappointments begins.

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