Summer Is Over…What Do I Do?

It’s November 12. Time has gone back and the trees have already changed color and become naked. Naked usually creates a fuzzy feeling in this country boy, but in this case, it’s sadly not true. Nothing says the end of summer like being able to see farther into the woods because the trees have shed their foliage. Second to that, the smell of fireplaces being awoken brings the smells of winter into the air.

Stores are beginning to wreak havoc on customers with Christmas carols, even though its only the beginning of November. We just recently gave kids the ability to create cavities and we haven’t carved the turkey that Tommy accidentally dropped onto the floor and then quickly washed it off before Fido had a chance to lick it. There’s honestly never enough time these days to have those wacky holiday incidents. Who has time to screw up anything? The next holiday starts the following day.

People have been sharing pictures lately of their efforts to “bedazzle” their homes with Christmas decorations. God love your asses for doing it! Someone has to take up the slack front the rest of us. I blame my holiday laziness on getting older. That and not taking the time to do it. Yes, I will gladly give up my gay card for this. Let’s take a trip, shall we?!

Back home, many years ago, my dad hated to have decorations up for “too long.” Don’t ask me how long that was. I couldn’t tell you from one year to another. He would choose the day we went to look for the near perfect cedar tree….not on a parking lot somewhere, but somewhere on my grandfather’s property or the property owned by the local timber company. There was no chopping one down just for the top. That was wasteful. We found one just the right size. It would normally go from floor to ceiling.

Decorating the tree brought so much cheer into my heart and such great memories into my mind. Slinging tensile up as far as I could get it or taking care of the lower limbs were generally my jobs. The rest of the time, my job was to stay out of the way. There were decorations that went around the house and they had their spots. Those decorations were so old when I was a child.

When I became a teenager, I took it upon myself to bring out the decorations. Going to find a tree had become too much of a hassle for some people and an artificial tree was purchased. It wasn’t the same, but I wasn’t complaining since we were allowed to even have a tree. One Christmas, after I began to drive, I pulled out the boxes of decorations, untangled the lights, and plugged them up to find that most of the bulbs were shot. I loved them, but I be damned if I was going to touch each one to see if it would work. I grabbed my brother and we went to Bill’s Dollar Store and purchased new, colored, chasing lights. They were beautiful and they made the house more cheerful.

The end of the season meant ending the cheerfulness in the house. It ended sooner than most as Dad never wanted the tree to stay up past New Years. It was generally the day after Christmas when it came down. I had more problems taking it down than I did putting it back up. My aunt told me once that I minded her of a woman in the way that I was so organized and cleaned up so well. Boy, she probably saw it before I did.

It’s not the same now. When I look at the decorations, it starts a series of questions. Where will the tree go? Who’s going to put the tree together? Do we need to buy more decorations, even though we have a ton already? Is the tree going to come down within a month of Christmas Day? Are the dogs going to try and eat the stuff they can reach? It becomes too much of a hassle before the stuff is even brought in from the garage, leading to the final decision to not worry with it at all.

It wasn’t my intent to make this a negative post about the holiday season, but I looked at the boxes when I went into the garage recently. They may get moved this year and they may not. New dog…never seen tree…problems! I can promise you that if the stuff does go up, it won’t be before we cut the bird. We won’t drop it on the floor.

**** chasing rabbits ****

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