Such a hot comic lover!

If you haven’t seen him before, go check out GayComicGeek on the YouTube.  Not only is he one of the most adorable guys on video, he is also a lover of comics.  I have to admit from the beginning that I am not the biggest comic fan in the sense that I know who everyone is.  I was not privy to this information as I was growing up in the sticks of Alabama.  We had channels 3, 5, and 10 and if it didn’t come on those channels, I pretty much had no idea who they were.  I liked watching Spiderman (when he was with Iceman and Firestar), Superman, and Flash.  I wasn’t much into Batman because he was too dark.  I was, however, more of a Dungeons and Dragons fan.  Mmmm, that black girl and her stick made me envious!  I could have used it to jump over canyons with more flare!  But hey, I am gay for crying out loud!  Watch his vid here and then go check him out at YouTube!

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