Stupid decisions by networks….

I know I am late in getting this news, but it still sent a shock wave through my nervous system.

“As The World Turns” canceled after 54 seasons!  OMG, people!  What the hell is going on with these stupid television networks?  Shows like this may not get the crazy numbers that the prime time shows receive, but they have kept generations amused during the daytime and in the evenings now that we have TIVO and DVRs.  I don’t get to watch it as much as I used to, but I love watching a soap opera every now and then.  There is something to be said about watching some true evil bitches, hopping from one bed to the next, before marrying about 10 guys.  How many times has Lisa Grimaldi been married?  And over at ABC on “All My Children”, that Erica Kain (Susan Lucci) has been married more times than the number of underwear I wear in a week.  It is the true depiction of the sanctity of marriage! LMAO!

I hate to see this iconic show go off the air in September.  It will truly be a moment in television history where people can see the fall of regular broadcasting networks.  NBC has been a network I have been pissed at for some time now.  They can’t seem to create a good show if they tried.  I watch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights and the partner watches Mercy which I have to say is a pretty good show.  It’s certainly not an ER.  What happened to the days of LA Law, Night Court, or The Cosby Show?  We’ve been tortured by Law & Order for how many seasons?  This is insane!  I fear that one of the best soaps in history, Days of Our Lives, will be ended shortly.  Since the unfortunate death (she was ancient) of Francis Reid, the soap only has one or two of its long time cast members left to rely on bringing a historic feel to the show.  New people to the serial are unaware of the deep history the show holds onto.  If you haven’t watched the show for years or have found yourself recently getting interested in it, you have missed a ton of things, whether they be boring or full of excitement.  Stefeno has come back from death (AGAIN) and the DiMira family has expanded.  Marlena, John, Carrie, Austin, Tony, and others are gone because the network couldn’t pay them enough.  That doesn’t make sense to me unless Deidra Hall just couldn’t get paid less for her deteriorating talent.  If you do some research, you will find that Susan Lucci has accepted gracefully a cut in her salary to…”save her show.”  They have also requested the help of products to sponsor them.  That’s the way you do it NBC and CBS.  You go and get the money.

But, I digress from my original intent for this blog….like I normally do.  I’m just saying…..CBS……stop this stupid mistake before you run your network into the ground like NBC.  Not all women ate joining the workforce.  There are still grandmothers and stay-at-home mothers that watch As The World Turns as they have for years.  They are the ones you make this show for and don’t forget they exist.  Many of your evening shows suck ass.  Don’t make your daytime broadcasting do the same thing.

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