Sadness falls on my underwear drawer!


This is one of my favorite pairs of underwear.  They are by N2N Bodywear.  When I wear these, it’s as if everything is right in the universe.  The feel is unbelievable against my skin…so you can imagine the look of calmness that overtakes my face when I slip them on.  To get that feeling, you will have to take me at my word and get a pair of them.  They are the Twilight Brief in the Twilight collection.

The reason for my sadness is not from the briefs themselves.  I would say that this pair ranks in the top five of all time favorites.  That is saying something.


The sadness comes from the stitching coming loose from the waistband.  I’ve owned them since the week of Christmas 2010.  That’s almost five months now.  I have underwear in my drawer I’ve owned since 2001.  The only hole in that pair was because I was wearing them while sitting on concrete beside a pool.  They snagged on something.

Anyway, back to the N2N briefs.  I slide the pair off and standing naked in the living room, I looked at the briefs.  I immediately saw light between the waistband and the red material.  “Damn it!” was the first thing from my mouth.  The second exclamation was, “Son of a bitch!”  And why the second profanity?


I looked at the back of the briefs and saw the hole shown to the left.  Two places in the briefs where it was coming loose from the waistband!  I was speechless.  I am not rough on my underwear.  Honestly, they are probably my possessions that I take the most care of.  If I had the time, I would hand-wash every pair.  But being realistic, that would never happen.  I own only two pairs, at the most, I have to wash by hand.  They are special!

Struck with this situation, I was left unsure as to what I needed to do next.  Just throw the pair away?  I couldn’t.  I loved them too much.

Stitch the holes and carry on like it never happened?  What would that get me but a few more weeks/months of enjoyment until the holes appeared somewhere else along the waistband?

I need something more than self-repair.  I need a replacement from the manufacturer.  I feel it is their responsibility to replace a flaw in production.  I am wondering how many pairs sold have done this exact same thing.  Since this occurrence, I have contacted a person who has direct contact with the company.  If this doesn’t get any response, I will try getting in touch with them myself.  No one should have to deal with poor quality from something they like so much.

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