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Hey y’all!

The partner and I were looking for something to get into during the week to be active and have fun with friends. The one thing we could think of was bowling. It’s a fun sport and gets even better after a beer or two! LOL! We joined the Pub & Grub League here in the north Gwinnett area. It’s a fun group of people. The fee is $15.00 a person/week. That’s pretty good. The team gets the choice of a pitcher of beer and a pizza. Since I am the only one that really drinks beer, I have a whole pitcher to myself. I really can’t complain about that! Go me!

We are coming along in the ratings….sixth place out of 13 teams. It’s better than we had expected in the beginning. Travis had his own ball and so did one of the other two. I learned how to use my new ball. It is the Brunswick T Zone as shown here from Bowler’s Paradise.

My new bowling ball

My new bowling ball

The ball has inserts for my finger tips which were placed in by the owner of Huckabee’s Pro Shop. I had never bowled with a ball using finger tips. I was used to the conventional drilled holes. The first few times I used it, I kept throwing it in the right gutter. Those weren’t my best performances. Believe it or not, I can have a temper! “Nooo, not you!” Yes, dude! This ball was finding out what it was like to piss me off! I tried the wrist brace to stiffen my wrist, but alas, that did not work. I had no idea what to do to correct my right traveling gutter ball.

After paying attention to the other people on our team, I wasn’t feeling that bad. Not saying that the other members can’t bowl. They can bowl really well. I just seem to be the only one that uses the true bowling form. You know, the 1, 2, 3, 4….get ready, and 5, throw the ball, holding my left hand out for balance. This, however, does not mean that I get the higher points. During practice, I can kick some ass. Place me in the league setting on Wednesday night and I suck a big one…figuratively speaking. I have problems being put on the spot when in a sporting event such as this. Same way when I play volleyball. But, I love both sports very much.

My brother came to Atlanta a few years ago and we took him bowling for I guess the first time. He is a lefty….the only one in the immediate family. He took to it like he had been doing it since the womb. I guess some people experience that phenom. Mine is an ever changing ability. I’ll put some scores later to show how this is evolving.

Until later…..onto better bowling!

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