Revisiting the Body For Life Fitness Plan


Today starts a renewal to the Body-for-LIFE fitness plan.  It’s 11:43pm and I am still awake, but for the rest of the day, I have been following the plan as closely as possible.  This takes an extreme amount of determination, responsibility, and patience.  I am treating this as a fitness plan for personal reasons and a little bit of vainness.  There are, however, many people who have completed this program as part of the Body-for-LIFE Fitness Challenge.  Maybe one day, I could do that.  For now, it will have to be for health reasons alone.

The first Body-for-LIFE fitness challenge was in 1996 when it was known by a different name…the EAS Grand Spokesperson Challenge.  Through the years, thousands of people have changed their lives mentally and physically.  The writer, Bill Phillips, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the US, is also the creator and owner of EAS, a fitness and sports nutrition supplier.  I am sure you have seen Myoplex on the supermarket shelf at one point in time.  If you want to try it, take my word for it…it’s good and can be good for you as a replacement for junk snacks.

Back in about 2005, I bought this book and was determined to read it.  You know how that works!  You buy the book, it sits on the coffee table or night stand for a while, and then finally you remember you have it and start to flip through the pages.  Once I started reading the book, I became interested and decided to start on an experiment.  I do that from time to time.  It’s almost as if my brain sees my body as a science project.  Nonetheless, I started the process of eating the prescribed meals and at the proper times.  I went to the gym and did the exact workouts prescribed by Mr. Phillips.  Believe it or not, within a few weeks, I could see the changes already taking over me.  I could see definition in my chest, legs, back, shoulders, and most of all, in my stomach.  I had never felt so wonderful in my life.  Muscles I never realized I had were waking up and making themselves known.

As you can see in the picture to the right, my body had taken the shape I was aiming for, or rather, it was in the process of getting there.  My love handles are still visible, but I was trying everything in my power to make them go away.  You can’t see my legs, but they were developing pretty well along with everything else.

This may sound like I’m pushing Body-for-LIFE, but being totally honest, it does work if you put your mind to it.  With determination and will-power, a good body and mind can be achieved.  The plan takes 12 weeks.  If you get through with that time and you see the changes I’ve written of, you can start back at the beginning and do it again.  It never has to stop!  You can keep going and maintain the good feelings you will undoubtedly have.

You can find Body-for-LIFE by Bill Phillips, along with the companion book, The Body-for-LIFE Success Journal, at your local book stores or you can find it on one of the many online book retailers.  If I can be of any help along the way, feel free to email me at and we can keep track our changes.  I would love to have someone to go through the process with me and share your feelings and observations.

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