Reviewing The Andrew Christian Vivid Fuse Brief

I wanted to introduce you, the readers, to my new pair of wonderful underwear by Andrew Christian from the Vivid Fuse ® line. The color is Bubble Gum. Yes, I know…they’re pink… and yellow and blue. Remember those candy sticks you used to buy for 10 ¢ that would end up as sharp as an ice pick? Those are the colors that made up the bubble gum flavored stick. How about that, folks? Now, I want one of those sticks!

This pair of underwear doesn’t come with a shopping story. No, I ordered these from the Andrew Christian website. It was a quite shopping experience without talking to another guy, pushing packages aside that don’t fit what he is looking for, and trying to explain the differences in styles and cuts. I saw no looks of confusion as another shopper read a package to see if, ultimately, his package would fit comfortably inside. I did miss the opportunity to explain to someone how cuts, waistbands, leg openings, pouch design, and back coverage add to the final decision of what to purchase, producing happiness.

As has come to be expected from Andrew Christian, these briefs are very comfortable. I love larger waistbands and at 1.25” (3.18 cm), it is wider than most briefs on the market. The briefs are made of 100% cotton. The super elastic waistband is designed to not cinch and does not promote the appearance of love handles, as you can see in the picture. That, in itself, is probably the best feature. All of us with a little extra padding in the waist needs help in making love handles disappear. I am also loving how the Andrew Christian brand appears on the waistband in a bright way for all to see.

Don’t get this line confused with the Almost Naked ® line which has the ultra stretchy constructed pouch. The Vivid Fuse ® line has a great pouch and does allow you to comfortably fit inside, but it isn’t made to shake and flop all around. There is a bit more support in this line. When ordering, pay attention to the sizing chart. Don’t try to make yourself slimmer than what you really are. I wear a 32 in the waist with jeans and many dress pants. I have to buy mediums from Andrew Christian. Smalls may work from some other brands, but it is a true medium for these.

What’s one more important thing about Andrew Christian? The brand is based in the United States. When buying from this company, you’re supporting a US brand which helps jobs stay within this country and helps out a great company and great designer.

There are many different options to choose from when you want to give Andrew Christian a try. Do go over and check out your options and when you decide, just know that you will be buying quality material and will find great satisfaction when slipping into them.


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