Reaching across the US

While looking at my Google Analytics, I noticed some white spots in my map of visitors in the United States! What’s up with that, guys?  Get me spread around more than a $.02 whore on a Jersey street corner. LOL.  The following is where I need to get to:

  1. Maine – OK, northerners! I know there are some gay country men up in the shoe state.  Introduce me!
  2. New Hampshire – You’re a small state, but get in there and find some husky, well-built (blessed) guys to spread the word!
  3. Rhode Island – Even smaller, but I bet there’s a mofo sittin’ in that state that’s just waiting to spread the good word. Hmmm, what would that word be?
  4. Delaware – Archerr, aren’t you up there somewhere? Spread me out! LMAO!
  5. West Virginia – Somewhere, somehow…someone has an Internet connection in this state.  And country, OMG, HELLO!
  6. Mississippi – 90% of the people I know from MS are gay.  30% of them are drag queens.  Help me out guys!
  7. The 4 State Sex-tion (North and South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming) – I seem to be unable to infiltrate this sextion of the US.  There has to be a cowboy or a construction worker that’s dying to get to know a country gay guy is out there who just may be into the same things he is.  Or at least, I’m hoping!
  8. New Mexico¿Dónde están ustedes? Estoy triste porque no vas a mi página web. Ven a hacer una visita!  I know you’re “New” Mexico, but I’m sure there’s some brothers and sisters in your state.
  9. Nevada – Yes, I’m not Las Vegas or Reno.  I know I cannot be your slot machine.  But I do have a lever!

This is not a hook up request, but I so want these states to turn green on my map thingy. I want green from ocean to ocean.  If I can cover 90% of the Asian continent, I should be able to cover the US.

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