Rainy Sunday

I’m lying on the couch with the window shade pulled up to see how dark it is getting outside. I’m also watching The Weather Channel to see how quickly the storms are traveling over from Alabama. Sounds like AL was hit pretty hard, especially since they mentioned Clarke County as having trees down. I hope everyone over there is OK. Some cousins have posted comments on Facebook saying that the weather had gotten pretty bad but that everyone was OK. If you look at families as cliques, mine is definitely like that. One area in Clarke County is like the family seat. I was one that decided to get away and get out on my own with no family around. But, I still miss the people back home. I hope all the small houses and trailers are still standing and the people inside are well!! LOL

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  1. Oh dear, I am glad that you are ok. Weather here sucks, too sometimes but we do not have such catastrophic weather like you do in America.
    Take care sweetie!

    xo kb

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