Rain, Rain, and More Rain

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It is Sunday evening in the North Atlanta area.  This is the time when we all settle into our homes and wait for bedtime, knowing that Monday morning will be along in a matter of hours.  The weekend is officially over and the beginning of a new week is upon us.

Well, that’s not really the reason we are all shut up in our houses this evening.  It has literally been raining since sometime Saturday morning.  Yes, for nearly 48 hours straight, we have seen rainfall.  The one good thing about all this is that Lake Lanier (pictured) is able to receive more water.  As of Friday, the lake was already at full pool.  Now, it has even more.

I am perfectly fine with this!  I think it’s fantastic!  I am probably using more exclamation marks than I should!  How else am I going to show my excitement?  For the longest time, we had to see very shallow water, muddy banks, and many boats that were taken out of the lake so that they would not sit on the ground below.  With all this water and the approaching summer, we are seeing more and more people getting out on the lake to enjoy the refreshing breeze.  They are most likely not enjoying the water for the use of swimming.  That lake, even though not in the northern parts of the US, is freezing cold.  The water that flows into the lake is coming out of the mountain region of the state.  Likewise, the water being let out of the lake into the Chattahoochee River is freezing as it is coming from the bottom of the river where it hasn’t seen sunlight.  My teeth are chattering at the mere thought.

I am about to head over to the house of my lovely cohost Kimberly for some smoked Boston butt.  Her husband is a grilling/smoking man.  It’s so manly!  I may even have a beer!

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