People get handicapped by weather conditions

It’s funny that some things handicap a person that probably shouldn’t. For example….snow. For the people in the mountains of Georgia or extreme north Alabama, this may not be such a problem. They’ve grown up seeing this year after year. It’s nothing new. For those closer to the city, many being transplants from other places, it’s almost as if the world is coming to an end. The first mention of snow sends these people to the store for milk and bread. It never fails.

People wonder why there are so many accidents when it’s snowing. It’s because people panic. Snow, like rain, is simply another weather pattern. If it is pouring rain where you can’t see thru it, you wouldn’t get in your car to go get stuff from the store. You’re not going to die from the snow.

Growing up in South Alabama, we pretty much didn’t bother with emergency things like like creating an emergency kit. Our kit pretty much contained a kerosene lantern and maybe a flashlight. My dad didn’t believe in having candles in the house. Food….well that wasn’t much of a concern because we had a gas stove. It’s the best thing to have so that you can still cook without power. Our concerns with weather primarily focused on huricanes.

Eventhough I am a transplant to North Georgia, I am comfortable with my ability to drive in snow. For the most part, if you don’t have to leave the house, don’t! Why put yourself in a situation when it’s not needed? Secondly, if there is snow on the ground, you should realize the road will obviously not be dry. Don’t fly like a bat out of hell! People here in Atlanta have been shown on TV going just as fast on the interstate as they would when there is no traffic. It’s insane! The reason, other than panicing, that your vehicle would do a 360 on an icy road is because you’re going to damn fast. Slow it down, people!

I know this isn’t a problem that only southern people deal with. I’ve seen video of people farther north who do the same things. The Civil War did not divide us that much. There are many similarities. I would say this would come under the heading of common sense, but truly, does that exist anymore?


  1. I live in Idaho, where it snows every year. Trust me, people are stupid everywhere. It should be easy to understand you slow down in the snow, and you do not follow other cars as close as you do during dry conditions. But the first snow always brings literally hundreds of accidents. It is pathetic!

  2. Ususally it never fails that I just so happen might need to pick up something at the store. I walk in and think ” what the hell is going on?” and I remember oh , the weather. thanfully I didn’t have to to that today

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