Our Girl Dagney

Our little girl, Dagney, loves to lie on her bed sometimes. She gets tired of some of the things we watch on TV. Right now, it’s Graham Norton on BBC America. You should see her when we watch Doctor Who!  No, she’s a wonderful dog that we love very much. She has a thing about sticking her nose in your face. She never licks, but she wants to get all up in your stuff. She also has an uncanny way of knowing she’s getting into the lap of a man. One of her legs is going to step all over your junk and she doesn’t care that your eyes just bulged out of your head. Well, we all have our faults no matter what they are!  She’s a mix of beagle and what we think is hound. She house the long ears and the long nose. Beagles are normally not as tall as she is so we’re guessing that came from the other breed.

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