November 8, 2011–Google+: It’s what’s going on!


Today, The Gay Life of a Country Boy has spread its scope to include the Google+.  That’s right, friends!  You can click on the Google+ symbol on the webpage ( and it will allow you to add the page to your circle of friends.  Help me out by spreading the word to all your friends and lets get this page out there in the world.  I would love to see TGCB take off.  I know it can be a lot more than it is now.  George and I are definitely working on new things.  We’re bringing ideas to the table and hope that it proves positive as a way to gain readers and listeners to the podcast.

The age of social media is upon us and it has taken the world by storm.  I would have never thought of this idea 10+ years ago….maybe even 5 years ago, at least, not at the level it has achieved today.  Whether you’re on your computer or on your phone, social media is at your fingertips.  Facebook, Twitter, GetGlue, LinkedIn, Foursqaure, and many others are there to get the most beginning computer user hooked up and ready to go.

As an unpublished, unknown writer, I would love to see my work get out to the masses.  This blog and my LiveJournal page (look for nmybriefs) are really my ways of writing to the world, but I do have aspirations of writing more on a novel scale.  The only reason I haven’t gotten that far now is the big WRITER’S BLOCK!  It happens on here too…just not as heavy.  As George and I were discussing this past Sunday on the podcast, I have bouts with blocking even when I sit down with my laptop to blog.  You have an idea and then open the laptop to feel your brain let off steam…along with all my ideas.  No, it’s not the same kind of orgasmic feelings I get at other times and not even close to the feeling I get when I clean my ears.  Let’s not get started on that in this post.

If you would, go over to the website (if you are reading this on something else, like Google Reader) and read for a while. I love to write and you’ll definitely notice that.  Then, before you leave, if you make use of the Google+, click on the link at the top left and add me to your circle.  While in that vicinity of the page, click on the Twitter links for George and I and add us.  PLEASE do us a favor if you add us to Twitter, send us an email on here to let us know you have added us so that we know you aren’t a Twitter bot or spam.

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