November 5, 2011–Wall Climbing

Have you ever been wall climbing?  If you haven’t, it is a very good upper body workout.

I was given a gift a while back from the other half for a day of climbing at the local wall climbing facility.  I had heard about the place from a lady I used to work with.  It sounded like a wonderful idea.  I had seen walls in various places around the county such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and REI, which just happens to be a store I walk through and dream of having all the camping and hiking supplies.  I think I had tried to climb one of the walls once and did not get past one or two of the grips.  My arms were not strong enough to lift the rest of me.

I get to the place with the other half and we sign the proper computerized forms that say, “Hey, I’m going to come in here and climb on these walls.  Even though the floor is really thick padded material, I know I could fall off the wall in a heartbeat and I could break my neck.  It is all my fault and there is no way that I would hold you people responsible for my slippery hands or feet or my ignorance if I do something extremely stupid.”   Pretty simple wording, eh?!

The first thing we had to do was go through a quick educational course about belaying, or the process of not allowing the climber to fall too far too quickly if he/she were to slip and lose hold to the grips.  The other half stood in the one responsible for my life.  Joy, joy!  It was a pretty quick class, taught to him as I was climbing the wall.  I get to the top of the wall and look back down.  I was told to grab a hold of the rope and lean back.  I am not afraid of heights, but I can say that sitting back in that strap, digging into my crotch, was not the most settling thing I’ve done in my life.  I did reach the floor safely.

We stayed for about an hour or two.  I did all the easy walls.  All the tough walls were not being used.  I guess there were no people there working at the location that dealt with that level of climbing.  I was happy with the climbing I did.  After getting my arms bigger earlier in the year, it helped me out tremendously, even though you do not want to place all the work into your arms.  You want to place a lot of the stress in your legs to lift you up instead of pulling yourself up with the arms.  I probably did pull myself up most of the time as when we arrived home, it felt as though my hands were going to break apart.  It comes with the actions.

I can’t wait till I can go back there.  It is really close to where we live.  I want to take quite a few people the next time we go.  I think it would be a fantastic outing for a group of people.  We could race SAFELY to the top.  That’s an idea I will pass along to some others and will definitely have to write about when it happens.

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