November 4, 2011–The Approach To The Birthday!

Today at 1:25 pm, I happened to look at the clock.  I thought, “Oh, that was the time I was born!”  Then after a minute, I realized it was the 4th.  Wow, exactly to the minute, it’s a month away from my birthday.

From listening to many others, I know I’m not the only person who finds it hard to believe it’s coming down to the end of 2011.  It seems like we were just celebrating the beginning of the year.  It seems only yesterday when we were dealing with one of the worst snow storms to hit Georgia.  Interstates were turned to parking lots…literally…because cars were not moving.  Some people even abandoned their where they sat.  It wasn’t pretty and I was working as a dispatcher at an alarm company through this mess.  I ended up with a cracked windshield because of it.

The cold has started sinking into the southern US and that’s a sign for me to start wearing warmer clothes and to get ready for the year-ending holidays…Halloween just passed and now we’re coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As a child in Alabama, my birthday “party” was usually considered to be the family gathering for Thanksgiving since it was so close.  Hey, it got the family together in one place.  I could deal with that!  “Yeah, happy birthday and here’s some turkey.”

Could I at least get some mustard with that bird?

This year, plans are being made with the neighbors to celebrate Thanksgiving a little later than normal.  When is that?  You got it!  It’s going to be December 4th.  And that will be on a Sunday meaning there will not be a live episode of The Gay Life of a Country Boy that night.  I guess that won’t be so bad as we haven’t taken a week off since before we went to Vegas in September.  A break might be a good thing.  Tax classes will be over by then and I might even be able to get a little bit of hiking done earlier that morning.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Here’s to the start of a year end celebration!

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