November 30–El fin

Well, look a here.  It’s the final post of November.  And I have managed to only be one day behind at the end.  I am proud of myself.  There have been a lot of night where I fell asleep while typing something and woke up the next morning with slobber on my arm.  But, I got the updates posted.  What did I start this month:

  1. I started using multiple programs to post to the blog.  Not only can I post directly from WordPress, but I can also post from the Blogwriter app on my phone, Windows Live Writer on my laptop and the upstairs computer, from some add-on the other half found for Firefox, and I can now use Microsoft Word to turn documents into blog posts.
  2. I have started a third story, one of which will not last much longer.  This time, when I say short story, that’s exactly what it will be.  I have two other things I want to complete before thinking of another.  I shouldn’t have started this one, but I will finish it on the blog instead of leaving it hanging.
  3. I have started a more sincere attempt to keep this blog updated in a timely manner.  I know now what it takes to do multiple posts in a week and sometimes in a day.  It’s not like this is a news blog where I want to help keep the gay community up-to-date on activities, but it is something I would like to stay dedicated to for a long time.

I have been thinking about a lot during this month.  I have realized that some things may not be going in the direction I originally planned.  It’s sad that it hasn’t been what I wanted it to be, but times have not been the best…especially since August.  There have been so many other things I’ve wanted to do and I probably could have.  Sometimes, my brain and my free time do not work together to accomplish goals that my brain likes to hide from me.  I have wanted to go hiking and I probably have had the time to do it.  It takes more than time…money.  I am by far not the most wealthy person and the money we have already has a place to go before we get it.

Who knows what might happen within the next few months.  I am trying to keep my mind open and my spirits high. 

Until later…..NaPodPoMo and NaBlogPoMo are through.  Amen!

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