November 3, 2011–Checking in on GetGlue


If you have a smartphone, you are well aware of the many apps out there available to do many things quickly.  Really, when someone says there’s an app for that, they mean it.  There are apps designed for entertainment, accounting, education, and a vast array of other useful areas of life.  There’s one I am liking more and more as the days go by.  That app is GetGlue.

Want to see what people are talking about concerning your favorite show?  Want to see what your friends are watching so you have something to talk about the next day?  GetGlue is the app for you!  The app and the website allow you to share with others by “checking in” to your favorite show and it allows you to further share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter if you choose to do so.  I know what you might be saying.  “Telling people what I’m watching doesn’t sound interesting and more of a waste of time.”  It’s possible for some people to think that.  I personally like to see what my friends are watching because I might be missing out on something I would like.  I know that most people will not have any interest in knowing I watch Days of our Lives, but someone might like to watch Dr. Who, Holmes on Homes, or Bones.  I have a wide variety of shows I’m interested in.

I must say, like many apps out there, it is something to pass time.  Of course, you’re not going to learn anything by using the app or get anything organized.  It’s part of the big rise in “social networking.”  Get as many people to download this app and to use the website as we can and we’ll network them to find out what people are watching.  We’ll even give them suggestions on what they “could” be watching.  Let’s also give them stickers for watching certain shows, chances to get discounts on merchandise from networks, and take part in conversations about what happened.

You know, now that I think about it, I can see how this started out with a thesis for someone in graduate school.  Maybe they were doing something about the television viewing habits of people and the impacts on others’ habits when shared on a bulletin board type website.  I could see an A+ from that project!

The GetGlue app is FREE in the iTunes store and the website is also FREE.  Free is good for something that allows you to do this type of thing.  Social Networking….it’s what’s now!

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