November 28, 2011 – Watching Dead People Walking Around

I’m a bit behind, but I am watching a fantastic show…The Walking Dead. For whatever reason, I got behind on the show. It comes on at the same time the live show of The Gay Life of a Country Boy is running on Thankfully, we have a DVR. It definitely gets its use. Just about every show I watch requires me to record it and then watch it whenever I have a moment…that’s usually when the other half has already gone to bed. Anyway, I am almost a half-season behind.

A great feature of this show is that it was filmed in Georgia. The first season was all shot in the Atlanta area. It’s great when you can watch a scene of a television series and say, “I know where that’s at! I’ve been there!” There’s a rock quarry in the Atlanta area that is currently being turned into a park. That was used in the show. The CDC, of course, was blown to shreds. That in itself was terrifying. Screw the zombies…save the CDC.

The thought of something like that happening is numbing. Millions of people could be turned into walking corpses. People think there are difficult decisions made today. They have no idea what kind of world we’d live in if that were to happen. In the episode I’m watching, the gang is split. Some are looking for supplies while some are stuck on a highway and then some are in a house in the country. None are particularly safe, but they are doing what they can with what they have.

It would definitely be a different world. Zombies can’t enforce laws on those who might not be infected. Those who aren’t infected have to find some way to stick together and not allow petty differences come between them. Since there aren’t millions of people to feed, support, or doctor, there would be plenty of supplies. The only issue would be the handing out of those supplies and getting to them when needed. Nowhere would be safe from the “walkers” as you can’t build walls around cities where the majority of populations reside. In this and previous episodes, walkers have made their way into the woods. I guess when they can’t find live humans on which to feed, animals in the woods will do just fine. Bon appetite!

I hope I never see anything of the sort happen in real life. It’s one thing to see this portrayed on television but I’m sure it would be ten times worse dealing with the real thing. People, I feel, would not be as calm as the people who are trying to find a safe place to exist.

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