November 27, 2011–What The Hell Did You Just Say?


Tonight while in the local chain bookstore, I was standing in the clearance book aisle.  I love to look at all the books they’ve decided people obviously don’t want.  Either that or they realize that people aren’t going to spend US $50.00 to read about the architecture of adobe houses.  I am a book lover and always have been, but I am not a believer in spending a boat load of money on something that will end up collecting dust on a shelf.

While looking through the book selection, this lady, and I guess what must have been her husband, walked by me, browsing the clearance aisle for cheap stuff.  The husband was following behind as she walked around the end cap.  He stopped to look at the end display and, with the calmest look on his face, he says, “Look at this.  They misspelled ‘withering’.  Idiots!”

What the hell?

I was shocked to the point where I couldn’t say a word.  I stood there totally stunned and flabbergasted.  Could this guy have honestly been this stupid?  Well, of course he could!  The end display featured sets of classic literature.  One of those books was, of course, one of my most favorite of all time…Wuthering Heights…the tale of Heathcliff and Catherine and the tragic love between the two.  It not only caused torment for them but for everyone around them.  Out of all the books I have ever read, it speaks the most to me as I can understand Heathcliff.  He’s not the cream of the crop and he’s kind of unruly.  But, he disappears for two or three years and returns more dignified than the ones who practically ran him away.  I loved it!

But, I digress.  No matter what tree you fall out of, what swamp you swim out of, or what mountain you roll down to go into a public setting, one expects people to have a basic level of knowledge.  I mean, this book was published in 1847 and hasn’t stopped since then.  One doesn’t have to be a scholar to know it exists…and know that it’s title is not a misspelling.

You don’t have to listen in on people’s conversations to hear stupid things.  You can hear something from anyone that blows your mind.  I think I handled the situation pretty well as normally, I would have yelled out the above in red…What the hell?!

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