November 26, 2011–Miracle in the Woods, Part 4

Carl had moved his glass of water and was spreading the moisture ring with his finger.  He was listening to more description from the man on the phone.  Whatever this thing was, someone was wanting it and would pay whatever necessary to have it.  From what the guy on the phone was saying, there were at least ten people in the world who had an interest in its retrieval.

“Have you still not heard from Carol and Mary?  They’ve been at the site all day.  I can’t honestly believe that it would take that long to find out what this thing is.”  Carl was beginning to get irritated.  He wanted to know things now.   He had no time to wait for information.  There were more important things to investigate than something making women sexually agitated.

The man on the phone, sounding calm, said “I haven’t heard anything yet.  I realize it has been a few hours since they arrived there, but I have all confidence in their abilities.  They will get back with us as soon as possible.”

“Well, to me, that isn’t quick enough.  I’m headed up there.  This time, someone will get there in time.”  Carl pull out his cell and dialed.  “Frank, I need you for a little while. Are you busy?…Yeah, I’ll need a chopper….I’ll meet you at the field.”  Carl closed his phone and stood.  He grabbed stack of papers from the table and walked toward the door.

“What makes you think you’ll find anything more than others who’ve been there?”, the man on the phone asked.

“Since I’ll be in the air, I’m sure I’ll find out more than anyone else.  Seems no one has been smart enough to do that before now.  I’ll call when I get there.”

Carl walked out the door and to his truck.  He turned on his radio as he sped down the highway.  The announcer on the local station mentioned the large gathering of women in the local clearing.  He was taking phone calls from listeners.

“Yes, you’re our next caller.”

“My name is Wayne and I am concerned about this thing.  I wanna know what it is and nobody is saying anything except that it’s unknown.  That’s not answering my question or the questions my friends have.  All of our wives and daughters are headed up there today.  We’re in the right mind to go there ourselves and see what the hell it is.”

The announcer broke in.  “I hear ya, Wayne.  There are many out there who want to know what’s going on there.  I just want to know so I can stop talking about something I don’t know anything about.  I can’t tell you to do anything and it’s my place in broadcasting in this area to tell you to leave it up to those who can handle these situations.  But if you do something, call and tell me.

“You got it man.  And I’ll say if anyone wants to go with me, they need to meet up in the parking lot of Harper’s Store in town.”

Damn idiots, Carl thought.  Everyone wants to be the police when something happens around this place.  There’s no telling what can happen if a bunch of men barge into that clearing where all those women are.  And if it’s true, all those men might find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation.  Carl chuckled as he turned onto the gravel drive leading to the shed where Frank kept his helicopter.

Frank was waiting inside when Carl opened the door.  They grabbed their goggles and head sets and walked out the back door to the landing pad.  He walked around the aircraft and opened the passenger door.  “I hope we can get a clear site of this thing you’re interested in.  I’ll be glad when all this mess is over.  I have had more women trying to seduce me in the past week than my entire life.  Most women understand that it wouldn’t get them anywhere.  This thing is turning women stupid”, Frank said.

“I’m the one who taking a chance at getting attacked by going up there.  I hope the only people this thing affects is women.  I’d hate to know you might lose control and seduce me!”  Carl saw the look of shock come across Frank’s face before he ducked to avoid being hit by Frank’s flying goggles.

“Oh yes, I would love to see what I could do to my own brother-in-law.  Maybe then I could see what there is about your body my sister seemed to like enough to marry you.  Now get your ass in the helicopter.”  Frank stepped into the helicopter and put on his head set and motioned for Carl to do the same.  They closed the doors and Frank, after switching on multiple buttons, lifted off.  It wouldn’t take long to get where they were heading.

….To be continued

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