November 23, 2011–Stupidity Has To Be Eradicated…Continued


So…where were we.  Ah, crazy woman is being looked for by the police because of her stupidity.  I think the police should be looking for many stupid people.  It would make the world better for the rest of us.  Maybe we could move our modern civilization out of this rut we seem to have fallen into.

Here in Georgia (US), things have not been much better.  No mace as far as I have heard, but a friend’s mother works at a local location of the Wally.  While she was at work, she personally did $15,000 at her register alone.  That is insane!  But, along with making that much money, the store had to deal with two women fighting over…what? Wait…bed sheets!  C’mon…Bed sheets?  When I was told about that, I could have pissed my pants I was laughing so hard.  And that wasn’t even the worst of the issues that happened around here.  A man was arrested because he was carrying a gun in the Wally.  I haven’t read/heard the whole story, but I would understand why he was arrested.  But, as long as he had a carry permit, it doesn’t matter.  It would make a difference, however, if he was waving it around in the store.  That changes everything!

I just spoke to my sister and she said that bed sheets and towels…those damn linens…were the things most coveted in her location in south Alabama.  The other half doesn’t seem to understand why, but linens are one of the common Christmas gifts given in lower income families down there.  Unfortunately, that is mostly the population and not enough supply.  The difference there…no one got into a fight over bed sheets because THEY AREN’T WORTH IT!  Congratulations to the hard working, down home people of south Alabama.  They make me happy.

I’m sure you’re over me bitching if you’ve read these last two posts, but I feel it was necessary.  I doubt things are going to change unless the police or store owners are given the right to stand in stores with shotguns or rifles and loom over shoppers and dare them to do something stupid.  I bet that would cut down on a lot of public displays of stupidity.  It would also cause those exact people to feel their rights were stomped on and they would want to protest.  Well, at least they wouldn’t be doing stupid things in the store.  They would be in the parking lot.  Just don’t let me be the one to hit them while driving through.

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