November 22, 2011–Stupidity Has To Be Eradicated!

I know this is not in chronological date order, but I couldn’t resist blogging about this and giving my input.  People may not agree with my ideas about this, but, as in everything else I post on this blog, whatever program you’re using to browse the Internet…if you don’t like what I’m saying, there’s either an X in the corner you can click to close the browser or there are back buttons that will allow you to go somewhere else.

Today (Friday, November 25) is known in the US, and whatever other place in the world, as Black Friday.  This is the one day that companies try to make back what it has lost throughout the year.  It’s that one last HOORAH before Christmas in hopes that masses of people will empty their wallets and max out the credit cards they don’t have the money to pay off.  Yay Capitalism!  Yay Free Enterprise!  Yay Ignorance!

I am one of those people who absolutely HATE…yes, strong word hence the all caps…to get out on Black Friday to do anything.  I would much rather sit in my home, watching TV, while the masses act like total asses in public.  I do not sit at home the day the newspapers come out with sales papers, trying to map out my course to get the best deals.  To be honest, there isn’t a single thing in any store I need so bad that I have to put up with the ignorance of people.

Take for instance the video above.  These people were at a Wally World in California.  They had a sale on the X-Box.  Wally thought it a good idea to start its sale earlier than the rest.  That didn’t stop the parade of ignorance through the door.  As we see in this video, people gathered around the display of game systems like lions around a wildebeest.  Then, as the display was being opened, brains shut off and civility escaped the room…to the point that some crazy woman decided to mace the crowd so she could get one of these coveted pieces of shit.

OK, let’s think for second.  Mace in a not so well ventilated crowd of people who are already panicking because they think they aren’t going home with what they want is not a good thing.  People’s eyes began to burn, people started having problems breathing, and people obviously became unbelievably more crazed to get away from the scene, causing injuries to people.  Needless to say, the police are looking at surveillance film of the incident to find this insane biznatch.

…Continued in the next post

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