November 20, 2011 – Asking Some Questions!

I wanted to get some info from my readers and thought I would use some of the latest technology I’ve learned about to do it.  For the name, I am only wanting your first name.  I don’t need the last unless you want to give it to me.  I really wanted to know where my readers are coming from, how they heard about the site, and if they listened to the podcast.

As you can tell by the date of the post, I am a little behind on my NaBlogPoMo.  I am trying to get caught up before the month ends.  This is part of that attempt!  LOL!

Email Address:
What country are you from?
If from the US, what state are you in?
How did you hear about The Gay Life of a Country Boy?
Do you ever listen to the accompanying podcast, The Gay Life of a Country Boy, available on the website and iTunes? Yes


If you are a podcast listener, which one of the following are you more likely to hear it on? iTunes

Stitcher App



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