November 2, 2013–A Book Review…Monster by Frank Peretti

(OK, just so you know from the start…I am a little toasted while writing this. If there are any mistakes, it’s because I just didn’t know they were there!)

I recently read Monster by Frank Peretti.  I’ve owned this book for a few years now.  The first book of his I bought was back in around 1995 or 96 called The Oath (1995).  It is classified as a horror/fantasy novel.  In true Peretti style, there are twists and turns through the book, ending in an adventurous conclusion that dares you to place the book down.  I remember when I read the novel and it amazed me to no end.  I was a teenager and looking for something to wake up my mind.  I found it and it started a love of an authors work.

The second book written by Peretti that I purchased is Monster.  It took me several years to break it out and read it, but now I am very satisfied that I did so.  The novel was written in 2005 and it tells the story of a predator living in the woods of Northern Idaho.  Some people will be automatically turned off when they realize the nature of the book and its dealing with animals.  In today’s world of scientific exploration, no one should be shocked that things of this sort take place in laboratories all over the world.  In this book, the scenes take place in the woods, located behind people’s homes.

Reed Shelton is a cop and wants to get his wife, Beck, into the great outdoors.  They enlist in a nature survival class with a known expert in the area.  Without giving away too much of the story, they end up not experiencing the woods with the expert, but rather, they get a taste of the outdoors on their own.  While camping the first night in the woods, the two become separated after a scary encounter with something not human.  Beck becomes the “hostage” of another type of creature, only to find that every creature in God’s creation has a place in the ecology of Earth.  With help from friends, experts, and regular every day hunters, Reed sets out on a search for his wife.

From the beginning to the end, the reader is held captive in the events that unfold in this forest wilderness.  The reader feels as though he/she is carried along with Beck through her travels in the forest with her captors.  When she is able to rest, the reader is able to take a mental break before she is off on another run.

Personally, I love this book.  Before I started the novel, I tried to remember how I felt as I read The Oath so many years ago.  I wasn’t let down as my brain was put through a frantic race through the forest of Idaho.  My heart hurt when Reed hurt as I imagined how I would feel if something were to happen to my own spouse. 

If you have a need to read a book, take this book into consideration.  I recommend it for anyone who wants to read a thrilling, captivating novel.

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