November 2, 2011–An Update Each Day en Noviembre

NaPodPoMo?  What the hell is that?

Well, someone has come up with the idea of posting a podcast every day in the month of November.  Personally, I couldn’t see that happening.  So, for me, I am making it a goal to post something to the blog for every day this month.  Crazy?  In a way.  But I want to show that I can do something with the others in the Pride 48 community.  Not only that, it’s my blog!  I love to write and I like to share my thoughts with the world.  Of course I can do it and of course, I want to do it.  Get ready people….there’s no telling what might come out of this mind of mine in 30 days.

What could I write about?  You can tell from my last posting that I want to learn more Spanish.  It has been a dream of mine to learn it since I was old enough to think it.  When I knew I was going to be taking it in high school, I was ecstatic!  Two years of it and then two quarters of it at UWA was terrific.  What’s the bad part about that?  Well, I was in Alabama and at that time, the only people who spoke Spanish except for the teacher were the men planting trees for the local timber company.  Yeah, “Mister, que hondas? Muchos arbols, eh?”  That would have worked great, right!

I could also talk about the books I have started, what I want them to be about, and how they are coming together.  I really want to finish them as I have been working on them for years.  One book has almost two complete chapters and the other has almost three.  I guess something like that takes time.

I could also talk about my adventures in the US tax system.  I have been taking tax classes as you might know if you listen to the podcast.  Taxes are interesting and in the end, they work out like logic puzzles.  Most people don’t want to deal with them because they think the IRS is some terrible arm of the gov’t and that they are always out to get anyone and everyone.  That’s true for those they feel are cheating the system.  If you are a regular Joe or Sally, they aren’t worried about you much.  If you can read and you take your time, you can do your own taxes.  If you don’t want to do them the old fashion way, get to a computer and do them with Turbo Tax.  It asks you all the questions and fills out the forms for you.  Done!  Sign them and send them off to the IRS.  There’s an idea!

For those of you who take the time to read my updates, get ready!  November should have a total of 30 posts.  They may not be posted on the days titled, but there will be 30!

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