November 17, 2011–Learning the Photoshop!


The other day, I finally took the time to do something I had wanted to do for a while.  Adobe Photoshop® and I have had a nice friendship over the years.  For the most part, I used it mainly for resizing pictures and brightening the ones that turned out too dark.  It was a nice relationship where it was there when I needed it.  I felt that our relationship should progress to something more productive.

A few months ago, I saw a magazine about techniques in the program.  The picture was of a guy washing his car.  I thought it was freaking awesome that he was on all four sides of the car.  I thought it should be fairly simple.  After speaking to @Qsledge for a good while after doing a live show on, I was more confident that I could accomplish this.  I did not buy the magazine and I did not remember the steps taken.

When I opened the pictures, I had to correct the sizes because the other half has the camera set to take the largest pictures ever known to man.  When I opened them, the picture was shown at only about 15%.  I changed the percentage to 100% and was able to see a shoe.  I brought the image sizes down to 800 x 530.  That was a more workable size. 

The key here is this:  layers.  As you can see, I am on three sides of the car as I could not get my camera to see the remote while standing at the front of the car.  The sensor was on the other side of the large lens.  The first picture I used was the one of my on top.  This was recognized by Photoshop as the “background” or first layer.  With the other pictures already open, by choosing the pointer tool, I dragged the picture of me in front of the car into the first picture, prompting Photoshop to create a layer called Layer 1.  Making sure that I had the background layer chosen, I used the eraser tool to erase where I would be in front of the car.  It only erases from the layer chosen, which in this case, I became visible kneeling down.  I did the exact same thing for the image of me behind the car.

I am really happy how the picture turned out.  There are other ways to do this if there is no overlapping in the images.  If there were three of me side by side with no overlapping, I’m told that you can crop the images to reveal what’s underneath.  I’ll have to try that next.

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